Meownica Studio

Judy Chicago

I was really inspired by a retrospective of her art at the de Young museum in San Francisco. I wanted to do a little homage of generated art pieces in one of her many styles. I didn't want to sell these or market them in any way because while it is my work, it’s derivative and not my idea; unfortunately, they came out pretty wonderfully, so I wanted to show them off. The best dream case scenario is that Judy Chicago sees them and goes 'right on, girl'. The worst case scenario is that she sees them and goes 'girl, that’s painfully derivative'. I’ll settle for anything in between.

Pastel grids inspired by [Flesh Fan]( and [Sky Sun](,h_920,w_920,dpr_auto,c_fit/

Pastel grids inspired by Flesh Fan and Sky Sun

Inspired by the [Reincarnation]( triptych

Inspired by the Reincarnation triptych