Meownica Studio


Castro Theater, 6x6\

Tiny scenes

Lola stays (for brunch in Wellington).

Travel vignettes

Linocuts – misc

Morning, 2023. Edition of 10.

Oui, ennui

And then we paint. These are all framed because I wanted to show them as a group in a space somewhere, but that never ended up happening.

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You don't belong here: an installation of glass boxes that have captured what can't be captured: waves, still smashing about, as if just plucked from the ocean.

You don't belong here


Piano exercises for stronger fingers. Digital art.

Model Surrealisms

Paula Modersohn-Becker, the first to paint nude self portraits. I felt I had become complacent in simplifying a painting and drawing it with 3 pencils, so I moved to the digital space, while still trying to keep the 'strokiness' of the style I was going for.

Broad Strokes

Inspired by the [Reincarnation]( triptych

Judy Chicago

White and gold gel pens on a handmade paper. The paper is handmade (not by me) from recycled cotton tshirts!


Joshua Trees





Birthday Planets

After [

Chalk Pastels