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Did you know that when you google 'man nipples' you get endless pages of men’s naked torsos, but if you google 'woman nipples' you predominantly get bras and cartoons of nipples? I made this art to show a nipple is a nipple, and doesn’t need to be sexualized. I am happy to report that these days, the search returns some better results, and I like to think I secretly wished it into being. I made these paintings by writing some code to generate a random flurry of circles, which I then plotted with my pen plotter, on watercolour paper. Initially, the circles by themselves don't look like much; after painting them, they're quire recognizable as nips.

This is what an unpainted, random splattering of circles looks like.

And then we paint. These are all framed because I wanted to show them as a group in a space somewhere, but that never ended up happening.

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