Meownica Studio

Safe search: on, 2021

Sometime last year I discovered that if I googled for 'women nipples', I predominantly got either cartoon diagrams of women's anatomy, or photos of women in bras? 'Men nipples' was a completely different situation, which returned 100% men of unclothed torsos. I thought this was infuriating, especially in the modern world of breast cancer, so I took my anger to this generative art project. I wrote some code to generate a random flurry of circles, which I then plotted with my pen plotter, on watercolour paper. Initially, the circles by themselves don't look like much; after painting them, they're quire recognizable as nips.

This is what an unpainted, random splattering of circles looks like.

And then we paint. These are all framed because I wanted to show them as a group in a space somewhere, but that never ended up happening.

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