Meownica Studio

You don't belong here / 2022

One of my areas of interest in art is the process of making something, which often has very method-in-the-madness qualities. In this project, I wanted to document an exploration I did with a large text-to-image Machine Learning model. I didn't use any of these images in a final artwork -- the artwork in this case is the process, the story I tell through what I've curated and saved.

I adore architectural plans. I’ve framed some before because to me, they’re often as good as paintings. What if the painting was in the architectural plan?

What if you turned the plan inside out?

What if the house didn’t even belong in the plan? Or even the plane?

What if the house just didn’t belong at all?

This elevation, this perspective doesn’t belong.

This water, this nature, doesn’t belong.

What doesn’t belong must be contained.

You don’t belong here: an installation of glass boxes that have captured what can’t be captured: waves, still smashing about, as if just plucked from the ocean.

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