Meownica Studio

Chalk Pastels / 2011-2013

During this period I took weekly drawing classes, specializing in chalk pastels. I mostly drew still lives or did reproductions or famous paintings. The final drawings are either lost to the world or out of my reach, so all I have left of them is this selectin of ancient iphone photos and my dusty lungs.

After “Le Jardin de la rue Cortot à Montmartre” by Piere-Auguste Renoir

After “Hotel Room” by Edward Hopper. Staring at this painting for a month is the origin story of my Edward Hopper obsession

After “Dream, V” by Meri Bourgard

I’ve lost the source for this. I think it was a random find from the internet, but I didn’t write it down, and image search isn’t my friend.

After “Flowers in Green Vase by Odile Redon

From real life objects. Charcoal.

I’ve lost the source inspo for this as well, but wanted to include it because that butt is stellar.

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