Meownica Studio

Model Surrealisms / 2022

In this project, I started working with large image Machine Learning models (like Dall-E and MidJourney), as a natural transition from my generative art work. I used these models as my partners in crime: brainstorming and curating ideas with them, and then molding that draft into something that I can look at and say 'yeah, that looks like something I made'. To be clear: none of these images are directly from those models, and unless indicated, there's no actual pixels/styles/etc. from those generations. They are, however, all weird visual puns, my favourite part of surrealism.

The memory palace. 2 colour risograph print.

Not not that. Screenprint.

Piano exercises for stronger fingers. Digital art.

Coffee please. Digital art. Most of the 3D style comes from the generated image, but the face was messed up in a pretty horrible way.

When I’m sick, I wear big fluffy socks and drink tea. If fluffy socks were to get sick, would they wear legs? Should also ask about tea. Digital art.

The well articulated lamp. Digital art, made for a future screenprint.

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